About Us

SiteTech Media is a leading eCommerce website development agency, serving the growing need for eCommerce website solutions. Lead by Desiree Ravenscraft and a team of highly experienced developers that have over 12 years experience in designing, modifying, and developing eCommerce websites. The SiteTech Media team is experienced in eCommerce platforms such as Big Commerce, Magneto, Voulsion, Shopfy, and Wordpress; to name a few.

Our mission is clear, our CUSTOMERS come FIRST.

Unlike other eCommerce developers, SiteTech Media will provide prompt, clear, and concise communication at every step of your project. We pride ourselves on Customer Communication and you will never be left in the dark. Your project will be our priority, from start to finish.

As president and Project lead, Desiree Ravenscraft comes from a customer centric background and know what it takes to bring your eCommerce site to the next level. Desiree will always guarantee 100% satisfaction from her customers.