Circa Suzy

Since I was a little girl, I have been mesmerized by the sparkle and shine of the rhinestones, pearls, baubles and clip on earrings from my grandmother’sjewelry box. Growing up my mom and I spent my entire youth scouring flea markets, antique fairs and auctions for vintage treasures. As an adult I have traveled the world and have amassed an impressive collection of everything from serious vintage designer pieces to an extensive collection of beautiful one of a kind necklaces, bracelets, broaches and earrings.

My vision is to make these pieces relevant to women today. The revival of these individual pieces is my inspiration. My mission is to take what was so beautiful in its glory days and reā€‘purpose it for a modern day look. I like to think that I have brought a whole new life to all the gorgeous pieces of the past. Please have a look at some of my designs. Every day I continue to create new pieces inspired by all the beautiful women I know and their unique style as well as work one on one with clients to custom design a collection unique to them.