Kit was born out of a simple belief that clothes should work with your body, not against it.

Our CEO began her career working in the arts and with nonprofits in Washington, DC. As her job took her from creative events and board meetings to construction sites and City Hall, she noticed something:

Even the smartest, most influential women endure drab, ill-fitting clothing.

She began to wonder why her clothes – and those of her peers – just weren’t cutting it. Skirts that rode up, blouses that gapped, lining that bunched. Poor styling and even worse quality.

She wanted to replicate her favorite pieces: her grandmother’s vintage dresses. They had been field-tested over decades of raising kids, growing a business, and traveling around the world. Their tailoring was impeccable, their silhouettes flattering and their style timeless – so unlike the mass-produced clothes that fill big stores and get discarded when they wear thin or fall out of style.

Her love of design and knack for problem solving collided when that same grandmother gave her a sewing machine. She began making pieces for herself and her friends. Those turned into styling projects, an opportunity to work alongside emerging designers, and many custom commissions. She spent a lot of time with women, their bodies and their clothes – and the disconnect between them became clear:

Standard sizing isn’t working for women. Our bodies are just too diverse. So while standard sizes are made to fit more people, rarely do they fit us well.

Kit is the antidote to standard sizing and fast, throwaway fashion. We combine meticulous attention to detail, graceful fit and high-quality, breathable fabrics to build clothes for any kind of day – and for years to come.

We make clothes as ambitious, confident, and brilliant as you.