Bigcommerce Templates

Looking for a custom bigcommerce template?

Rather than just choosing from one of the standard BigCommerce templates, make your site destinctive and eye-catching by having a unique template designed for your store.

Whether you are launching a new site, need a re-design or are transferring a design from another ecommerce platform and would like it to be refreshed, our designers can offer a solution to fit your requirements and budget.

Whatever you need, we can help

I want to rebrand one of the existing bigcommerce templates I want a completely new design for my store I want to move my existing store to bigcommerce platform I purchased a template that i'd like to use on bigcommerce

We can customise existing bigcommerce templates

We have come up with a cost effective way of producing a unique, branded template which will fit your company image and make you stand out from the crowd, while keeping down development costs by building on top of the existing BigCommerce layouts.

All you need to do is take a look at the existing templates in the BigCommerce design options, find a layout that will suit your store, and speak to us about your colours, logo and fonts. We will produce a high quality design which will give you a unique advantage over your competitors.

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BigCommerce Template Design

Site Tech Media offer a completely new BigCommerce Template Design. We can transform each element of the storefront to match your branding and store image. We will work with you to produce a unique design which will put you out of your competitions reach. Included as standard are advanced modules such as improved mini-cart, navigation and custom landing pages.

Prices and completion times

$1,500 4-6 weeks
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