Viking Shield

Viking Shield has specialized in Viking age replicas and gifts since it was founded in 2000. Founded upon the love and passion for the history of the Viking Age, we have made it our mission to provide a one stop shop for high quality and historically accurate replicas.

Vikings were much more than the barbarians much of history has made them out to be. One look at some of the jewelry that has been found and its obvious they were incredible craftsman. The longships were the greatest ships of that time, and also amazing works of art. Reading the Viking sagas will tell you the importance of honor and poetry to these fascinating people. Another mission of ours is to spread more history of the Vikings and dispell some of the stereo types and just wrong information that is out there.

If you haven't already, we recommend reading Beowulf or the Volsung Saga or Hrolf Kraki to learn more about the Viking Age. These are all sagas filled with honor, courage, magic, and even monsters. The sagas may just be better than any modern day science fiction and certainly many ideas for modern scifi are taken from them. It becomes obvious the more you read how heroic and honorable these people were.